Monday, March 3, 2008

Back at it

I've neglected this blog venture for a long time, largely because I haven't felt that my early life in Ann Arbor is interesting. I plan to post more about more things. If they are interesting, great, if not, still okay.

Big news in people-I-know-who-are-moving-to-Asia world. Jarrod is all of a sudden in Shenyang, China. This life-altering development occurred over a span of eight days, with no time for long-term planning, second-guessing, or uncertainty. That's how Jarrod makes decisions - on the fly. Whether he's calling a drunk Morgantown girl pregnant, yelling at his behaviorally-dysfunctional students, or (now) relocating to another continent, Jarrod doesn't hesitate. Nick - my brother - also has Asian aspirations. He's moving to Hirakata, Osaka, Japan in August, where he will become engorged with sushi and manga for (potentially) a year. This is fantastic news for Jarrod and Nick, but it comes to me in Ann Arbor, with few decent Asian restaurants and a stressful job. No problem, though, because you can bet that I will be visiting Shenyang and Hirakata soon.

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Anne said...

You are not allowed to complain about the restaurants in Ann Arbor, buddy.