Thursday, August 7, 2008

Page Edit

In a small attempt to make this page a little easier to read, if not a little more structurally sophisticated, I've added a Blogger hack that limits the amount of a post that show up on the main page. Now, if you come directly to the main page, and not from an RSS reader, you will see truncated posts. This cleans up the main page and it should load faster (I don't really know if page loading is an issue for anyone anymore). Also, this allows me to use blogspeak such as "below the fold" and "after the jump."

Someone on the Blogger discussion forums directed me to this site. It has tons of helpful tips for blogging on Blogger, particularly for those who don't know anything but the simplest HTML, CSS, etc. I've also added a widget at the bottom of each post that shows links to posts with the same labels. I tag a little too liberally though, these lists might get long.


Nick said...

Nice! Now you just need AdSense to really benefit from the increase in pageviews.

Ben said...

Whoa, that sounds serious. I'll look into it.

Anne said...

That's a cheap way to get page views, Ben!