Sunday, August 10, 2008

Internet Memes

Check out this cool internet meme timeline. It's interactive! Zoom down to the month scale to see them all. After the jump.

This makes me nostalgic for those *simpler* days when I had to sign into AOL with my 56.6K dial-up modem to see the internet. My family was a little late to adopt internet usage, our first serious computer purchase was around 1996, if memory serves. I definitely remember the Dancing Baby meme, though that memory might be from something similar in an episode of Ally McBeal. Notable high school memes included the Blair Witch Project, Hamsterdance, Homestar Runner, and (unfortunately) Bonsai Kitten. From college, the Ashlee Simpson lip-sync snafu, Chuck Norris facts, Ask a Ninja, I Can Has Cheezburger, and (again, unfortunately) OK Go memes stand out in my mind.

I feel both young and old.

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