Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday, with some bonuses

Long day, busy organizing for an experiment that starts tomorrow morning. It was also hot.

When I got home, two surprises awaited me. One was my latest Netflix movie, I Am Legend. I never got around to seeing it in theaters, even though I wanted to, and now I know a lot of spoilers about the plot, but I'm still interested. One question does remain, however. Does Will Smith say "welcome to earth!" or "get off my car!" to the vampires? I doubt it, but haven't given up hope. Will Smith never lets me down. The second main character appears to be a dog. That's also good.

The second surprise was my new Western Digital My Passport 250 gb portable hard drive (hat tip James Foreman). I've never been responsible about backing up the information on the computers I use. I don't have a system, just data strewn about. Now, with this tiny new drive, I'll have no excuse not to back up often. My back up anxiety stems from an irrational fear of accidently erasing everything, permanently, in the process. I know this isn't as easy as it is in the movies, where people sit down at a computer, hit ENTER, and suddenly a dialog box appears, displaying FILES DELETED. Regardless, I'm getting back up for this backing up. Nick, brother, soon to be world traveller, and, importantly, knowledgeable tech person, has promised support. If I'm not spotted on the internet for a few days, it means my computer exploded and someone should send help.

UPDATE: I Am Legend is really good, though the third act is a bit discombobulated. Will Smith is excellent. Oh, if I'm ever stuck in NYC in the aftermath of a worldwide viral epidemic, I want a highly trained German Shepherd beside me. No humans necessary. Humans get in the way.

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