Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I just downloaded the Spore Creature Creator, a limited version of the game that will come out later this year. There is a free trial version, which is what I got, and a $9.99 full version, which I will probably get later. Okay, so, this game was MADE for me. The only part of the Sims that I ever really liked was building/outfitting houses. Maybe it reminds me of earlier times, when I seriously considered becoming a engineer. With Spore, they add in this awesome biology element - which greatly appeals to me - in that you can "evolve" a creature from single celled to civilized.

Well, okay, so there isn't much basis in actual biology and evolution. I guess it's not inconceivable that a creature would evolve a horn growing out of its ass, twelve legs, and beard, but variations of those traits would have to confer some advantage to individuals in the local environment for a long long time before they developed. Nevertheless, this is still going to be an awesome game, scientific accuracy or not. I spent a few minutes building a creature, Arthropodiculous, shown below in dance-party mode.

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