Saturday, March 22, 2008

So stupid, it burns

Some collector has purchased a cornflake shaped like Illinois on eBay for $1,350! You read that right. No, it doesn't resemble the Virgin Mary or Hanna Montana, but a state.

I find this sort of behavior stupid on principle, but in this case it is especially inane because the cornflake doesn't look that much like Illinois.

Eh? I don't get it. If you flipped it over, it could pass for Michigan, or perhaps Georgia. And why restrict ourselves to the USA? Rotate that flake 90 degrees and you've got a spitting image of the Ukraine. Or Greenland. Definitely Mongolia. I'd pay 5,000 Hyrvnia, easy.

The best part of this is that copycat auctions are springing up. Stuff inexplicably shaped like other stuff! Let the bidding begin.

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